[syslinux] Problem with memdisk and DOS on USB

Jérôme Poulin jeromepoulin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 23:28:50 PST 2008

I'm new to memdisk and I wanted to have multiple floppy boot images on
my USB key, I installed GRUB2 as the boot loader and have memdisk in
/syslinux and my images in /image, I first tried booting normal
images, memtest86+ works, my linux kernel work and they boot
Now using memdisk, I tried booting Spinrite which uses FreeDOS, it
booted fine with no argument them frozen at querying what disks are
available, I assumed it was a bit much for memdisk.
Then I tried DOS 6.22, in every way I tried, it ends at "Please insert
a system disk and press any key to continue...", I tried all the way
from memdisk-3.54 to 2.13 and 1.76 freezes at Booting.
Finally I had a Windows ME boot image, tried with memdisk-3.52, it
does not boot, I added safeint, and everything works! At last! Using
raw/bigraw make it stop at "Starting Windows Millenium Recovery...",
but with safeint it seems to be working perfectly.

I would like to add that for every image I tried, I tried to use
safeint, raw and bigraw, and after hours of trying, I'm giving up. I
also tried loading it from GRUB Legacy, with the same results. Is it
my Laptop's BIOS (HP NX6310), USB boot, any idea?

Thank you for your responses.

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