[syslinux] crazy isolinux bug?- cmdline truncated only on vaio vgn-n250e

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Jan 14 19:24:16 PST 2008

Douglas McClendon wrote:
> Ok, this is crazy, but I have a livedvd I created with fedora-8's
> syslinux-3.36-7.fc8
> and when I boot under qemu ( -boot d -cdrom /dev/dvd) it boots just
> fine, but when I boot it on the actual hardware (vaio vgn-n250e), the
> kernel cmdline gets truncated at about the 99th character, causing problems.
> The same exact physical livedvd booted on a different box does not get 
> truncated.
> The stock fedora f8 livecd on the vaio does not get truncated (even when 
> I make the cmdline ridiculously long).
> I'm pretty sure prior (and probably subsequent) livedvds have not had 
> this problem.
> Anything I should do to help determine if this is an isolinux, or a 
> hardware bug?  I ran memtest86 for a little while and it didn't fail.

Could you upgrade isolinux to either 3.55 or 3.60?  There was a bug fix 
in 3.50 which may have this result.


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