[syslinux] syslinux does not interpret backslash

Casual Programmer casualprogrammer at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 02:59:04 PST 2008

Hello list,

while I managed to install syslinux and have it boot,
there seems to be
a problem with interpreting filenames. It looks for
files in /boot but
at the same time does not realize that the "/" is not
part of the
filename. It prompts me with boot: then every filename
I type is set to
2 characters "." 3 characters i.e vmlinuz would appear
as vm.lin. To me
it looks like syslinux uses /boot/ as part of the
filename here ( 6
characters )

Not sure whether I am missing something here, or
whether this migh be a
subtle bug.

The stick is 1GB ha one partition set by parted
(msdos) and formatted
with mkfs.vfat, then initialized with syslinux

Thanks for any helpful insight,


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