[syslinux] RFD: Internationalizing the menu system

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Tue Jan 22 09:53:31 PST 2008

BuraphaLinux Server wrote:
> Hello,
> Here are my ideas.  Maybe it is all bad, but you did ask....
> Our distribution is for Thai, and would very much like to have the
> ability to display Thai.  The ability to display pre-rendered pictures
> would be fine.  Instead of having a set size, why not just let the
> picture specify the width and height in pixels of each menu item?

That would be a massive pain from an overall structure perspective, 
especially trying to maintain compatibility with a serial console. 
Sorry, I really DO NOT want to bite off this particular issue.

> The superos.pic would have embedded in it the height and width of the
> graphic.  I guess having a .png or whatever decoder is too much for
> the system, but like now you have the tool to embed data in the
> background image, you can have a converter from .png or whatever to
> your .pic format you need.  Even 16 colors indexed would be enough I
> think to make nice text.

I already have a PNG decoder, that's not the issue.

"16 colors indexed" is actually quite a bit.  A serious question is if 
anything more than a bitmap (with a possible highlight color for the 
hotkeys) is needed, e.g. greyscale for antialiasing.


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