[syslinux] SYSLINUX doing odd things since upgrade

Chris.Young at serco.com Chris.Young at serco.com
Mon Jan 28 07:59:52 PST 2008

Hello list!

I'm tearing my hair out over this.  I have a USB flash drive that has been 
working nicely with SYSLINUX for about a year, and I have upgraded 
SYSLINUX on it a couple of times during that period with no ill effects - 
including a complete format/re-install from scratch.

However, on Friday I was using this drive (and it was working) and I 
decided to upgrade to the latest version (3.60) from whatever was 
installed (I think 3.54).  I also updated MEMDISK and MENU.C32 at the same 

SYSLINUX still boots to the prompt, but loading MENU.C32 either freezes, 
reboots the PC or - on one occasion - complains of a corrupted kernel 
image.   MEMDISK is similarly afflicted, as it successfully loads a 
compressed disk image but freezes at "loading boot sector".

I have tried downgrading to every version of SYSLINUX, MENU.C32 and 
MEMDISK  to 3.51, and even tried 3.35 out of desperation.  Even formatting 
and setting everything up from scratch as I have done in the past doesn't 
cure the problem (I use the win32 executable syslinux -mad boot f:).  The 
problems are occuring on the exact same PC I was using before getting the 
problems (a Dell GX280 A06), and I tried some other PCs too just in case.

Any suggestions?  I'm lost without this - didn't realise how much I used 


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