[syslinux] syslinux-3.61-pre5 tested OK!!!

Genaldo Leite Nunes genaldo at glinux.de
Mon Jan 28 12:19:20 PST 2008

H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Genaldo Leite Nunes wrote:
>> But I have a question about the Password in the simple menu:
>> If the password is correctly written at first then all works as
>> expected, but once an incorrected password is presented
>> no  right password is going to work thereafter. Is this a feature?
> Uhm, no that would be a bug :)
> Scratch the "all works perfectly" bit :)
> Are you using plain, MD5, or SHA1 passwords?
>     -hpa
I was using MD5, but have now tested  plain and SHA1 passwords.
To my surprise they both have no such nice "feature" !!!
This bug is present only in the MD5 code.


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