[syslinux] syslinux 3.61 keyboard not responding issue

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Mar 1 15:15:54 PST 2008

Thompson, Roland G wrote:
> Has anyone experienced the following issue and / or direct me to a
> solution.
> I install syslinux v3.61 onto my USB boot device.  When I boot that USB
> device the keyboard does not respond at the syslinux menu.  So I either
> have to power cycle the system to reboot or wait until the default menu
> action (boot into UBCD4Win) occurs before I can use the keyboard.
> I am using syslinux-3.61 on a WinXP system to build a bootable USB key
> and a bootable USB HDD.  On both USB devices I had UBCD4Win installed
> and working.  That is, before I install syslinux (using w32
> syslinux.exe) I can boot from the USB device into UBCD4Win.  More
> importantly, the keyboard does respond during this initial boot process
> - i.e. I can do a C-A-D to interrupt the boot and/or UBCD4Win load
> process.  Once I install syslinux the keyboard longer works - at the
> syslinux or even until UBCD4Win is almost completely loaded.

Could you give as much details as possible about your BIOS and the rest 
of your system?

This is a particularly interesting bug report, because it only happens 
to syslinux, which means it might be resolvable.  Something that would 
be interesting is knowing the following: if you hold down the Shift key 
before syslinux boot:

a) do you get to a command prompt?
b) can you type at the command prompt?


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