[syslinux] GFXBoot & PXELinux

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Mar 16 14:08:17 PDT 2008

a178235 wrote:
> I understand the reasoning behind not integrating the dirty gfxboot patch into isolinux and pxelinux, but with many of the major distributions implementing gfxboot, it would be nice for a seamless boot interface across syslinux, isolinux and pxelinux so that the same menu file, look and feel, can be used to boot from the hard drive, USB thumb drive, floppy, or PXE. With isolinux being the primary method of Linux distributions, and more companies adopting Linux, it would make sense that the same method be used by CD’s and PXE boot would help the Linux adoption. Additionally, integrating syslinux, isolinux, and pxelinux into one unified syslinux that support all boot methods may make sense, but I don’t know all of the technical hurdles that would need to be resolved.
>   Is there currently ANY solution that would allow for a gfxboot splash screen using PXE?

The best would be if someone would offer to reimplement gfxboot as a 
com32 module.  However, *I* don't have time for it.

There are other problems with gfxboot, too (no transparent serial 
console support, complex byte-coded stuff)

syslinux, extlinux, pxelinux, and isolinux *are* by and large 
integrated; you still need different images for different filesystems so 
integrating them any more than they really are doesn't make a whole lot 
of sense.  The core (kernel, if you will) is medium-specific, but the 
com32 modules are totally media-independent.


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