[syslinux] HDT 0.3.6 is out

Erwan Velu erwan.velu at free.fr
Fri Dec 4 11:07:39 PST 2009

HDT 0.3.6 just got released and will be part of the Syslinux 3.84 release.

I'd like to thank Gert for his intensive testing which revealed many bugs.

HDT's major features are :
- Adding a vesa mode for the CLI
- Many memory corruption fixes
- Fixing Grub2 detection
- Improving CPU detection on older hardware
- Fixing memory detection using DMI type 6 on older hardware
- Support on the gzip format for modules.pcimap, modules.alias, pci.ids
- Detecting memory size via E820
- Adding a simple menu on our binary images
- Better CPU flags detection
- Adding CPU multicore detection
- Reporting CPU L1 & L2 cache
- Reporting CPU voltage
- Avoiding too aggressive disk's size computation
- gPXE detection
- Fixing CLI's history behavior

Here come the download links :


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