[syslinux] bug in ifcpu64 if !pae and only two options?

Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha strange at nsk.no-ip.org
Thu Feb 12 09:37:35 PST 2009


ifcpu64.c has the following comment:
 *        append boot_kernel_64 [-- boot_kernel_32pae] -- boot_kernel_32

Also in NEWS:
  (and optionally 32-bit kernels with or without PAE.)

However, if one doesn't specify boot_kernel_32pae but only boot_kernel_64
and boot_kernel_32, and if the CPU doesn't have support for PAE, args[2]
will be executed unconditionally, with no check for if it is defined.

Maybe replace boot_args(...: args[2]); with:
              boot_args(...: args[2] ? args[2] : args[1]);

Or maybe some other construct so that the ?: isn't used so many times in
a row...

Luciano Rocha

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