[syslinux] gpxe help

Marty Connor mdc at etherboot.org
Thu Jan 1 20:49:07 PST 2009

Hi Mike,

What you describe seems like it should be possible.

I have CC'ed the Etherboot-Discuss mailing list since your question
mentions gPXE.  You need to join Etherboot-Discuss to be able to post to
the list (we get flooded with spam otherwise, unfortunately).

I would also recommend that you visit the #etherboot IRC channel of
irc.freenode.net where there are usually a number of friendly and
helpful people around who may be able to help you.  You may need to lurk
on the channel for a while after you ask your question because people
are all over the world and thus have different schedules.

I'm sure we could help you interactively on the channel. If email works
better perhaps someone on Etherboot-Discuss will chime in and give you
some suggestions.



Michael Rodriguez wrote:
> Hello,
> This is my first post. Please forgive me if I am not posting this in the
> right location. I work at a college where we clone staff computer every now
> and then. We have an internal network in our office. There is a Linux NAT,
> DHCP, PXE server in our office separating the two networks. Internally, we
> PXE with images that boot into Ghost to clone computers. We do not have
> access to the external network DHCP server, so we can not PXE from outside
> our office. Our DHCP server in our office is bound to the internal nic. I am
> still trying to get gpxelinux to work, but that is another issue.
>  In a different environment, what I did was put gpxe on a usb drive and
> booted a computer on one side of a NAT router DHCP is bound
> to nic on different network I was able to PXE boot the
> computer with the following commands:
> gpxe> set filename pxelinux.0
> gpxe> set next-server <ip>
> gpxe> autoboot
> What I would like to do at work is to boot the usb drive with gpxe get a ip
> address from the dhcp server we have no access to and gpxe automatic runs
> the info above and my PXE menu from the dhcp/pxe/nat server in our office
> comes up. Is this possible? Can I script this to auto run or hard code it
> some how?
> Can anybody help? I have been searching and testing all day.
> mike

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