[syslinux] gpxe help

Sebastian Herbszt herbszt at gmx.de
Fri Jan 2 13:39:11 PST 2009

H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Michael Rodriguez wrote:
>> hpa,
>> Does gpxe have support for Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit network card? I tried
>> to boot a machine with gpxe on usb, and I get a "no more network devices"
>> message. If I try it on a machine with a intel 100, it works. Is there any
>> way I could add more drivers?
> You'd have to write them, or get someone else to.  As far as I know,
> gPXE has support for tg3 (or at least some tg3 variants), but not bnx2
> (both cards as sold under that name, AFAIK.)

Actually it seems to have support for both

# grep PCI_ROM src/drivers/net/tg3.c
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1644, "tg3-5700",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5700"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1645, "tg3-5701",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5701"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1646, "tg3-5702",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5702"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1647, "tg3-5703",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5703"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1648, "tg3-5704",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5704"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x164d, "tg3-5702FE",      "Broadcom Tigon 3 5702FE"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1653, "tg3-5705",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5705"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1654, "tg3-5705_2",      "Broadcom Tigon 3 5705_2"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1659, "tg3-5721",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5721"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x165d, "tg3-5705M",       "Broadcom Tigon 3 5705M"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x165e, "tg3-5705M_2",     "Broadcom Tigon 3 5705M_2"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1677, "tg3-5751",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5751"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x167a, "tg3-5754",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5754"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1693, "tg3-5787",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5787"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x1696, "tg3-5782",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5782"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x169a, "tg3-5786",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5786"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x169c, "tg3-5788",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5788"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x169d, "tg3-5789",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5789"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x16a6, "tg3-5702X",       "Broadcom Tigon 3 5702X"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x16a7, "tg3-5703X",       "Broadcom Tigon 3 5703X"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x16a8, "tg3-5704S",       "Broadcom Tigon 3 5704S"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x16c6, "tg3-5702A3",      "Broadcom Tigon 3 5702A3"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x16c7, "tg3-5703A3",      "Broadcom Tigon 3 5703A3"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x170d, "tg3-5901",        "Broadcom Tigon 3 5901"),
PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x170e, "tg3-5901_2",      "Broadcom Tigon 3 5901_2"),
PCI_ROM(0x1148, 0x4400, "tg3-9DXX",        "Syskonnect 9DXX"),
PCI_ROM(0x1148, 0x4500, "tg3-9MXX",        "Syskonnect 9MXX"),
PCI_ROM(0x173b, 0x03e8, "tg3-ac1000",      "Altima AC1000"),
PCI_ROM(0x173b, 0x03e9, "tg3-ac1001",      "Altima AC1001"),
PCI_ROM(0x173b, 0x03ea, "tg3-ac9100",      "Altima AC9100"),
PCI_ROM(0x173b, 0x03eb, "tg3-ac1003",      "Altima AC1003"),
PCI_ROM(0x0e11, 0x00ca, "tg3-hp",          "HP Tigon 3"),


# grep PCI_ROM src/drivers/net/bnx2.c
        PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x164a, "bnx2-5706",        "Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5706"),
        PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x164c, "bnx2-5708",        "Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5708"),
        PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x16aa, "bnx2-5706S",       "Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5706S"),
        PCI_ROM(0x14e4, 0x16ac, "bnx2-5708S",       "Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5708S"),

- Sebastian

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