[syslinux] Invalid or corrupt kernel image (pxelinux 3.72, kernel 2.6.28)

Alex Dubov oakad at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 21:48:34 PST 2009

> > 
> > Thanks for the swift reply. I already found the
> problem, namely, my tftp server had no support for
> "tsize". After switching to hpa-tftpd everything
> worked fine.
> > 
> > However, a lot of confusion stemmed from the fact that
> manual loading from "boot:" prompt worked all
> along. If it's not feasible to remove "tsize"
> feature dependence may it be possible to make
> "boot:" prompt loading routine to behave in
> exactly the same way as automatically invoked one?
> > 
> Nevermind... see it in the header.  Could you grap
> 3.73-pre7 and see if
> that solves the issue with the old tftp server (or with -r
> tsize passed
> to tftp-hpa)?  pxelinux 3.70 or later is not *supposed* to
> need the
> tsize option...

I've got the -git version of syslinux and it exhibits the same problem
when trying to download code from gentoo patched netkit-tftp-0.17 server.

The config file and image are downloaded successfully, but it won't proceed
to booting unless I retype the kernel image name at the prompt.


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