[syslinux] [PATCH] I attach two patches correcting documentation and I have a few questions

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Jan 22 11:56:55 PST 2009

Vicente Jiménez wrote:
> I post this to the mailing list, but perhaps is not the good place.
> I'm not subscribed, so I don't know if I'm going to get any reply, but
> please, tell me where to send patches.
> I attach two patches that correctly describes the new support for F11
> and F12 in documentation but I have two more question to update
> documentation accordingly.
> In doc/syslinux.txt line 515, talking about Command Line Keystrokes,
> could be correct to add the [TAB] keystroke as a command completion?

It would, although calling it "list matching labels" or something is 
probably more accurate.

> And second, in doc/pxelinux.txt line 408 it says: "Requires a TFTP
> server which supports the "tsize" option." But in change log for the
> 3.70 version (online at
> http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/boot/syslinux/syslinux-3.70.lsm) you
> can read "PXELINUX: We no longer require a TFTP server which supports
> the tsize option for all transfers." Does that mean that we can delete
> this requirement from doc/pxelinux.txt or ther's still some transfers
> that needs this tftp option?

This requirement can and should be deleted.

Most appreciated!


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