[syslinux] SYSLINUX 3.73 release imminent

Kim Mik kimmik999999 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 14:17:24 PST 2009

There are errors in /doc/syslinux.txt:

It doesn't list all parameters that can be used when you install syslinux.

For Windows:

    Usage: syslinux.exe [-sfmar][-d directory] <drive>: [bootsecfile]

        -s (stupid) option
        -f (force) option
        -m (MBR) option
        -a (set partition active)
        -r (RAID) option
        -d (directory) option

For Linux:

    Usage: %s [-sfr][-d directory][-o offset] device

        -s (stupid) option
        -f (force) option
        -r (RAID) option
        -d (directory) option
        -o (offset) option

   ++++ Options ++++

These are the options common to all versions of Syslinux:

    -s    Safe, slow, stupid; uses simpler code that boots better
    -f    Force installing
    -r    Install on RAID drive    ( maybe needs more correct info. I didn't looked up what kind of RAID drives are supported)

These are only in the Windows version:

    -m    MBR; install a bootable MBR sector to the beginning of the
    -a    Active; marks the partition used active (=bootable)


The -o (offset) explanation should be clearer (an example or so).
If I understand it correctly, it can't be used on a block device.

So an example that could be added:

    syslinux -o 32256 ./disk.img

It can be that I am wrong, so correct me, if needed.

Gert Hulselmans


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