[syslinux] switch config file name in LILO-style "boot:"

Sean Lv lvjie at kaspersky.com.cn
Fri Jan 23 18:58:35 PST 2009

Hi all

	In syslinux.txt, there said
	If the Shift or Alt keys are held down during boot, or the Caps or
scroll locks are set, Syslinux will display a LILO-style "boot:" prompt.
	I am use pxelinux to boot my pxe client. Is there any way to let
user specify a config file in this stage? In another word, I hope I can
specify 'Debug' as config name, not the regular file name 'default' or
something like following order.
 	If what I mentioned is not supported currently. I suggest this
function can be added in further build.
Best Regards
Sean Lv Jie

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