[syslinux] tftp open timeout but with no server side errors

Miller, Shao Shao.Miller at yrdsb.edu.on.ca
Fri Jun 12 09:46:38 PDT 2009

In this particular instance, perhaps a packet capture could help to
diagnose the issue.  If I understand you correctly, it is the NIC
vendor's PXE stack which is timing out before you are able to download
gpxelinux.0.  Some packet capturing tools you can use are: tcpdump,
Wireshark.  - Shao

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Client - realtek rtl8111c
tftpd version is 5.0
options on use -l -v


PXE-EX32 TFTP Open Timeout


Jun 12 10:48:38 damar in.tftpd[30132]: RRQ from filename
Jun 12 10:48:48 damar in.tftpd[30133]: RRQ from filename
Jun 12 10:49:24 damar in.tftpd[30134]: RRQ from filename
Jun 12 10:50:36 damar in.tftpd[30135]: RRQ from filename

The client has a valid ip and the server can communicate , tftpd-hpa
tries to send it the file multiple times
but it appears that it does not receive it. In order to get more
information I tried atftpd which has more detailed logging
and it reports continuous timeouts.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem before or has
any suggestions. I'd like to note
this machine is identical to 40 other machines , to which about half

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