[syslinux] PXELinux + Altiris + Tivoli.

Miller, Shao shao.miller at yrdsb.edu.on.ca
Thu Dec 2 18:53:22 PST 2010

Good day Vladimir,

IBM TPMfOSd sends additional DHCP options in its DHCPOFFER to a
PXE-booting client.  Furthermore, the file that it offers (Rembo-ia32
for x86 clients) is a dynamically generated binary, specific to each
client.  It is thus not sufficient to merely chain some saved Rembo-ia32
on some TFTP server.

A TPMfOSd-booting client requires the DHCP options from the Tivoli
server.  If you have multiple PXE services on the same Ethernet
broadcast domain, that could be a problem.

You can look into using the PXECHAIN.COM program, included with

  LABEL altiris
    COMBOOT pxechain.com

- Shao Miller

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