[syslinux] MEMDISK issue with OptiPlex GX280,620

Shao Miller Shao.Miller at yrdsb.edu.on.ca
Tue Dec 7 16:27:57 PST 2010

On 12/7/2010 19:07, Jason Vasquez wrote:
> ... ... ...
> Below is an excerpt of memdisk_dskprobe's information (I was not able 
> to capture the full output):
> ... ... ...
> probe_int13_ah(0xff, 0x08) == 1
> probe_int13_ah(0xff, 0x15) == 1
> probe_int13_ah(0xff, 0x41) == 1
> probe_bda_drive(0xff) == 0 count: 1
> We lost the last drive in our class of drives.
> Drive probing gives drive shift limit: 0x01
> ... ... ...

Here is where things go wrong.  Your BIOS is responding to each of the 
INTerrupt probes MEMDISK tries, for every drive!  It might be the case 
that we need to clear an error condition between each probe.  I am sick 
today, but as soon as I have access to a Dell Optiplex GX280, I shall 
give this a whirl.  Could you please report which BIOS revision your 
tests have been on?

I must also ask at this point: How are you booting MEMDISK?  From an 
ISOLINUX optical disc?  From GRUB4DOS?  Via PXELINUX?

> Regarding the hdd image. You are correct in deducing that I created 
> the image. I originally started with a 16MB SD card and configured it 
> as a Ghost client disk. Then I copied its contents to a Sony 8MB 
> Memory Stick. The 8MB image was a product of this card with the 
> interest of having a smaller boot load. Below are the details involved 
> configuring the hdd image source media. (Apologies for the extra 
> information.)

Your extra information might benefit a future reader. :)

One of the troubles with using an HDD image for DOS + Ghost is that 
Ghost will show the MEMDISK RAM drive up in the list of drives that are 
possibilities for working with.  This is why I enjoy a "superfloppy" 
with Ghost on it, since it will have DOS drive letter A:.


> ... ... ...

- Shao Miller

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