[syslinux] Looking for debugging ideas and help with testing

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Tue Dec 14 13:22:12 PST 2010

"H. Peter Anvin" <hpa at zytor.com> writes:

> That is the handover information.

To summarize our IRC conversation: I tested a Dell Latitude E6410.  It
simply refuses to boot the squeeze beta2 HD image with "Boot error".
Gene's handover MBR outputs the following:

DL: 80  DS: 0000  SI: 0000
 00 C5 00 F0 20 C5 00 F0 28 61 00 F0 20 C5 00 F0
ES: F000  DI: E2D0
 24 50 6E 50 =$PnP

You noticed that DS:SI=0:0 and uploaded 4.04-pre3 with an extra check
for that.  I'll recheck this machine with the fix tomorrow.  I also sent
out queries to the submitters of the respective Debian bugs (#604245 and
#604555) to check the new image.

I also published a debug ISO in the hope of finding out more about the
CD-related bug (#603960).  Vga=current will also be possible to test
with that, if the simpler options turn out to work OK.

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