[syslinux] PXE linux starts slowly

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Thu Dec 16 06:48:05 PST 2010

"Helmut Hullen" <Hullen at t-online.de> writes:

> Du meintest am 16.12.10:
>>> Seems that the problem isn't related to the pxelinux.0 version but
>>> to something related to menus etc.
>>> [...]
>>> And I have built this menu structure together with a newer pxelinux
>>> version (something like 4.00).
>> You may want to test newest upstream (4.03 or 4.04-pre3) as
>> boot.kernel.org had similar problems which disappeared with a recent
>> upgrade (if I understood warthog9 correctly).
> 4.03 doesn't help - it's running here since some (few) weeks.

And what about 3.86?  Did you get to test with that?

> My major problem for understanding: the problem appears on the T40 with  
> the e1000 NIC, it doesn't appear on the machines with e100 NIC or other  
> cards.

This may as well be a bug in the e1000 PXE stack.

> Which program (not pxelinux.0, but perhaps some *.c32) is sensible for  
> the NIC?

I'm not sure what you mean.  Most C32 modules are variant-agnostic, and
even pxelinux itself uses the PXE BIOS interface instead of touching the
NIC directly.

Maybe a packet capture of a slow session could provide some hints...

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