[syslinux] Bug#604194: This looks like another isolinux failure

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Tue Dec 21 03:37:36 PST 2010

"H. Peter Anvin" <hpa at zytor.com> writes:

> On 12/20/2010 02:56 PM, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> Has anybody got an idea what may be wrong in this Debian bug
>> (http://bugs.debian.org/604194)?  I will try to look into this more, but
>> have to sleep first...
> Looks like it's seeing a Ctrl-C or Esc either on the serial port or on
> the keyboard.


Thanks for the quick tip, Peter.  There's no serial config in the image,
so it must be the keyboard.  Were there lots of changes in the keyboard
handling between 3.71 and 4.03? :) e172b747 is the only commit seeming
relevant for me, but that leads into the wild of idle handling.  The
report concerns an oldish computer, btw.

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