[syslinux] Report: Acer Travelmat stupid MBR check

Gert Hulselmans gerth at zytor.com
Thu Dec 23 15:40:37 PST 2010

Gert Hulselmans wrote:
> Just in case we get a report like this when the Syslinux MBR is used
> together with an Acer Travelmate:
> ============================================================================
> I have an Acer Travelmate and had the known “Unregistered Exception
> Handler” error at boot time.
> Short Explanation:
> The laptop starts up bios and when the bios wants to boot from any media
> (not even your harddisk) the exception is thrown.
> Reason:
> The Diskcryptor MBR starts with 0xeb(jmp). The original M$ mbr starts with
> 0x33(xor ax,ax).
> Some bioses(like mine) try to detect if a drive has a MBR or if it is a
> removable drive without MBR.
> Very simple here:
> Sector0,Position0==0x33 => MBR => normal partitioned harddisk.
> Sector0,Position0==0xeb => Boot Sector assumed => emulate a hard disk(this
> is what makes usb-sticks without mbr bootable as harddisks, and makes my
> acer crash)
> ============================================================================http://reboot.pro/10503/page__pid__92239#entry92239
> - Gert Hulselmans

"Fixed" in

- Gert Hulselmans

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