[syslinux] chain.c32 map argument patch

Joe Pelkey pelkeyj.highvol at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 16:52:54 PST 2010

The syntax is (in unix regexp form for lack of knowing BNF well):

each drvspec is (ignore whitespace): (fd[0-9]{1,3} | hd[0-9]{1,3} | boot
| 0x[0-9A-Fa-f]{1,2} | (0[1-9][0-9]{1,2}) | 0[0-9]{1,3})

where each branch represents: floppy disk 0 through 127, hard disk 0
through 127, boot drive, drive 0x0 through 0xFF in hex, drive 0 through
255 in decimal, drive 00 through 0377 in octal.

the full command line argument (where each "drvspec" is as above) is
(ignore whitespace):
map[=,:] drvspec[=:]drvspec ([,;]drvspec[=:]drvspec)*

I planned on using it as "map:hd0=boot", but the "fs" argument sufficed
and it wasn't needed for my case.  I did my best to make sure no invalid
input would return success (nonzero) from parse_drive_map, but it needs
further testing and analysis.

Joe Pelkey
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