[syslinux] Boot Error GPT partition

KESHAV P.R. skodabenz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 05:07:33 PST 2010

On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 18:12, Miller, Shao <shao.miller at yrdsb.edu.on.ca> wrote:
> Good day again Keshav,
> It might be the case that Syslinx is indeed installed to your /dev/sda8,
> since Syslinux itself contains the string "Boot error".  That would
> cause me to think that one of the following is true:
> 1. Your BIOS doesn't support EDD (it is C/H/S only).
> 2. The checksum for the loaded ldlinux.sys fails.
> 3. The "magic" signature in the loaded ldlinux.sys fails.
> So I would guess that ldlinux.sys was physically moved at some point
> (it's starting sector needs to be hard-coded by the Syslinux
> installation process into the partition's boot sector, and the file
> needs to be contiguous), or the installation process is not recording
> its starting sector properly.
> It might be worth wiping the boot sector of /dev/sda8 and re-installing
> Syslinux.
>  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda8 count=1
>  syslinux /dev/sda8
> (count=1 is _important_, you don't wish to wipe the whole partition!)
> The fact that it _did_ work at one point might subtract from theory #1,
> up above.
> - Shao Miller

Hi Shao,
             I copied the contents of /boot minus the syslinux dir to
a temp location, zeroed out /dev/sda8, created ext4 fs in that and
setting up syslinux. After rebooting same "Boot error".

Is there any way to directly load /boot/syslinux/ldlinux.sys from
grub2 instead of the partition bootsector.

Thanks and Regards.

- Keshav

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