[syslinux] [gPXE] Local Boot + SW Raid

Randy McAnally rsm at fast-serv.com
Thu Feb 4 08:22:13 PST 2010

Thanks for the reply.

FYI, I'm using RAID1.  Very basic...never seen this issue until now (gpxe).

Is there a way to obtain a binary of pxelinux.0?  I am using the binary
gpxelinux.0 from the latest syslinux snapshot.  I could not find the binary
version of pxelinux.0...


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> This is worth forwarding to SYSLINUX.
> On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 3:21 AM, Randy McAnally <rsm at fast-serv.com> wrote:
> > For some reason I cannot local boot (the default) from any software RAID
> > system (where the boot partition is linux raid).  It hangs at "Booting from
> > local disk..." but never exits the pxe rom and just sits there requiring a
> Which RAID level are you using?  I think RAID-0 and RAID-1 should 
> work fine - the bootloader does not need to be aware.  I don't know how
> booting from the other RAID levels is supposed to work.
> > All other booting methods (network based) work fine.
> >
> > If I swap out gpxelinux.0 with the legacy pxelinux.0 that comes with CentOS
> > and use the same config, local boot works just fine.
> Perhaps the PXELINUX in your gpxelinux.0 and CentOS pxelinux.0 are of
> different versions.  To determine for sure whether gPXE is involved 
> in this issue, please build gpxelinux.0 and pxelinux.0 from the same 
> SYSLINUX source tree.
> > Is this a known limitation and if so, how can I get around this?
> >
> > --
> > Randy
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