[syslinux] Dell problems with PXELINUX 3.62

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Tue Jan 12 09:09:35 PST 2010

"Lindgren Daniel" <daniel.lindgren at tullverket.se> writes:

>> I can throw this out there to help your troubleshooting: At 
>> my work, we currently have 100s of Dell Optiplex GX280s with 
>> that same bios version working with the pxelinux.0 and 
>> vesamenu.c32 from version 3.75 (since about May 2009). I'm 
>> pretty sure we were using 3.62 or 3.63 for about a year 
>> before that but I can't be certain which. Whatever the 
>> problem your having is it probably not inherent solely to 
>> pxelinux.0 and all GX280s. I know its not much help, but its 
>> something. Jeremy Collins
> I tried switching to vesamenu.c32 (from 3.84) and all I got was a
> blank screen on my GX280 and on a VMWare ESX 4.0 virtual machine it
> stopped at loading default.

Did you use matching component versions in this experiment?
You really shouldn't mix component versions to get reasonable support.

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