[syslinux] How to run server side script from boot menuselection ?

Shao Miller Shao.Miller at yrdsb.edu.on.ca
Wed Jan 13 13:21:55 PST 2010

Moody Ahmad wrote:
>> ...I would also appreciate any suggestions on what is a good way to 
>> do this server-side script...

Alternatively to the method just offered, you could do an initial send 
of your parameters from gPXE, then your webserver could make a note of 
the association for the IP address to those details.  Your embedded 
script might then look something like:

dhcp net0
set 210:string http://web-server/

and the webserver would cache these details for the client's IP and 
return another gPXE script like:

chain http://web-server/pxelinux.0

which would then load PXELINUX.  Business from PXELINUX would then 
simply pull files with the http://web-server/ prefix, and the webserver 
would be responsible for returning appropriate things based on the 
client's IP address and the earlier associated details.  I don't know 
much about web-server scripts, but I know you have access to the 
client's IP address in most scripting systems.

Other than all of this trickery, you could simply have a vast PXELINUX 
config-file menu system, with all of your image options available.

- Shao Miller

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