[syslinux] Problems with gpxelinux and Broadcom 57711

Lindgren Daniel daniel.lindgren at tullverket.se
Tue Oct 12 22:55:37 PDT 2010

> > We are using gpxelinux from SYSLINUX 4.02. We recently 
> purchased some 
> > HP Proliant BL460c G6 servers with Broadcom BCM 57711 10Gbit NICS.
> > 
> > We have a very simple pxelinux.gpxe script compiled into 
> gpxelinux.0:
> > 
> > #!gpxe
> > set use-cached 1
> > dhcp net0
> > chain http://webserver/gpxe/gpxe.php?IP=${net0/ip}
> We may want to take this one to the gPXE mailing list, since 
> this seems like a gPXE problem and getting them involved as 
> soon as possible is probably a good idea.

No response from the gPXE mailing list and I couldn't find a searchable
archive, but googling eventually led me to this old post:

In short:

- Use undionly.kpxe instead of undionly.kkpxe.
- "set use-cached 1" isn't supported by undionly.kpxe, change to "set
use-cached 0" or remove.

After those changes HP BL460c G6 succesfully boots gpxelinux.0 and
fetches the config from the webserver.


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