[syslinux] memdisk - grub2

Karl Schmidt karl at xtronics.com
Thu Aug 11 22:43:15 PDT 2011

On 08/11/2011 03:30 PM, Shao Miller wrote:

> Could you please try this without 'insmod memdisk' and report if it
> works just the same? I believe the key is having 'iso' on the 'linux16'
> line, but it'd be great if you could confirm.
> Thanks!

Actually, I had tried the iso before - the problem was I was expecting update-grub to notify me of 
what it found - as it does for the main OS on the system - there is no report/logging or otherwise 
when update-grub finds things in 40_custom. So the only way to debug was to reboot for every 
permutation of the syntax.

I tried commenting out the "insmod memdisk" and you are correct - it works! Thanks much - but that 
leaves a mystery: I have no idea what memdisk.mod does or was supposed to do - or why it exists.. I 
took a brief look at the source code - not enough comments for me to figure out what it is for. 
There is one line of comment "memdisk.c - Access embedded memory disk." ( The code to generate 
memdisk.mod is in disk/memdisk.c )


There was one iso I couldn't get it to boot - (graphics card memory testing ) - but I mounted the 
iso and copied the image out of it and I now it boots. (I now have memtest, breakin, dft, and more 
on a ssd for rapidly booting and stress testing computers.)

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