[syslinux] gpxelinux.0 and slow HTTP performance on VMware ESX

Thomas Mieslinger miesi at pc-h.de
Thu Dec 1 22:29:18 PST 2011

Gene, would you please enligthen me where I can get the top-of-git 
source code? I'd really like to test the code on the varoius HP Server 
BIOSes I have.

Thanks Thomas

Am 01.12.2011 22:57, schrieb Gene Cumm:
> On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 16:04, Roy Marantz<roy.marantz at vonage.com>  wrote:
>> Can you suggest a work around for the issue which doesn't involve building
>> any software?  I.e. Is the a version of iPXE that works with a version of
>> pxelinux.0 and menu.0?
>> Thanks.
>> Roy
> PXELINUX at top-of-git on the lwip branch doesn't need gPXE/iPXE and
> works on all the VMware platforms I have.

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