[syslinux] Syslinux 4.05 released

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Dec 9 11:46:35 PST 2011

Changes in 4.05:
        * HDT updated, and now supports uploading data to a TFTP
        * ISOLINUX: remove the .img file support; it has been broken
          on virtually all systems since the beginning, and has been
          totally broken since 4.00 at least.  Use MEMDISK instead.
        * chain.c32: Support chaining ReactOS' FreeLdr (Shao Miller)
        * isohybrid: -m option to add support for Mac EFI booting.
        * ifmemdsk.c32: Choose boot option based on presence of
        * Remove bogus distributed mk-lba-img binary.
        * The Syslinux project has a new, cool logo by Abi
          "ixxvil" Rasheed (doc/logo/*).

As usual, these are available at:


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