[syslinux] nopassany parameter causing trouble

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Mon Dec 19 11:55:03 PST 2011

Op 19-12-2011 4:22, Gene Cumm schreef:
> I'd expect nopassany to hide everything except the new disk.  CD
> drives are HDD-like and should be hidden by nopassany.

Ouch, as they're not mounted by default by any kernel anyway but require 
device driver (UIDE.SYS) and an installable filesystem driver 

> nopassany on memdisk #1 should hide the FDD/HDD (including CD) but not
> using nopassany in the second should make eltorito.sys pick the ISO.
> Under this condition, I'd expect the ISO could easily be assigned
> "C:".

1 : boot from CD, use as LiveCD (with hidden harddisks)
2 : boot from CD, use as InstallCD (visible harddisks)
3 : boot from CD, boot ISO from CD, use as LiveCD (hidden hdds)
4 : boot from CD, boot ISO from CD, use as InstallCD (visible hdds)

Your suggestion allows [3] but prevents [4] as the harddisk gets hidden 
during ISO loading time. [1] is not possible as hiding harddisk also 
hides CD, according to your comments.

> I'm guessing from the "cmdline" statements that you didn't try moving
> the nopassany to the MEMDISK for the ISO and not the MEMDISK for the
> FDD.

See above. Duplicating ISO could be possible but isn't my favourite option.
My last resort is relying on the DOS PCI IDE/SATA CD-driver called UIDE 
by Jack R Ellis, but that's limited to PCI IDE/SATA thus instead of 
ELTORITO.SYS 's controller-independent hooking into non-emulation CDs on 
for example USB CD drives.

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