[syslinux] localboot in pxelinux recurses back into pxelinuxthen eventually crashes

Denie Andriessen denie at bokxing.nl
Thu Jan 6 12:53:12 PST 2011


When I build 3.83pre10 with  'efi_csm_workaround' removed from pxelinux.asm,
that was added from 3.83-pre9 to 3.83-pre10, pxelinux.0 does not loop.


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From: "H. Peter Anvin" <hpa at zytor.com>
Subject: Re: [syslinux] localboot in pxelinux recurses back into pxelinux 
then eventually crashes

> On 01/06/2011 06:35 AM, Denie Andriessen wrote:

>> A couple of months back there was this message on the list.
>> http://syslinux.zytor.com/archives/2010-October/015459.html
>> It looks like something has changed from 3.82 to 3.83 that broke
>> localboot for some types of machines.
> Could you try the prereleases between 3.82 and 3.83?
> -hpa

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