[syslinux] MEMDISK issue with OptiPlex GX280,620

Shao Miller Shao.Miller at yrdsb.edu.on.ca
Tue Jan 25 08:23:37 PST 2011

On 1/24/2011 23:53, Shao Miller wrote:
> ...Other than that trivial piece, I've split the three types of probe, 
> 0x08, 0x15, 0x41, so each can yield more specific detail relevant to 
> the results for the particular sub-function.  No commits for that 
> stuff just yet, but perhaps tomorrow...

Jason Vasquez, would you be so kind as to test:


?  This build includes some new debugging.  Please report the new "INT 
13 DLXX:" sections until they all begin to look the same.  They will 
start to look the same after only a few (maybe three) iterations.

H. Peter: A second commit (yesterday saw a first commit) to my 
memdskprobe branch, which yields a bit more debugging output for our 
disk probing, iff DBG_DSKPROBE is #defined to 1.


- Shao Miller

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