[syslinux] syslinux-4.10-pre15 and KVM guest booting problem

Shantanu Gadgil shantanugadgil at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 16 09:01:47 PDT 2011


I have a problem to report with the 4.10-pre15 branch.
The problem is that my KVM guest "just reboots" when booting off the network.

The setup is as follows:
Host OS: RHEL 6.0/RHEL 6.1 with the default packages (no additional repos or packages)
KVM guest configured to network boot.

(maybe irrelevant info ...) ?!?

DHCP server (using dnsmasq) in the same subnet as the KVM host.
DHCP server running on a different physical machine than that of the KVM host.
JFYI, DHCP server assigns static DHCP lease and then TFTP follows...
TFTP is configured using dnsmasq (again) :)

The TFTP server is a different physical machine (than the above two machines)

The guest "gets" the 'pxelinux.0' and then reboots. This happens endlessly.

This does not occur with the 4.05-pre3 branch.

Question: What would be the best way to gather wireshark/tdcpdump dumps to assist in
debugging this?

Should I run this from the TFTP server? (I think the TFTP server would be
better/simpler ... less noise)

I did experiment with the "host a.b.c.d" parameter of tcpdump, but don't know if
that would be any good, so asking beforehand.

All it shows is that the pxelinux.0 file is being sent over and over ... ?!?

If the pxelinux.0 from the 4.10-xxx branch works well for the KVM guests as well,
I can move my entire automated setup to start using only HTTP :) :)

Any help/assistance with the tcpdump (or wireshark (tshark)) commandline would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,

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