[syslinux] extlinux doesn't boot 3.0 kernel on a brand new HP 8200sff workstation

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Mon Jul 25 15:33:56 PDT 2011

Op 26-7-2011 0:12, Michael D. Setzer II schreef:
> Thanks from the info. Have changed the KERNEL to LINUX for
> the 9 linux kernels that are included in the iso image. C32
> programs still have KERNEL, but wasn't sure if memtest should
> be changed to LINUX so left it as KERNEL.

C32 files can be loaded using COM32 keyword:
COM32 /mydir/CHAIN.C32

Linux kernels and MEMDISK are fine with the LINUX keyword.

Other specifics no idea.

Slightly offtopic: 4.10's CHAIN.C32 might need some updating for 
ReactOS's FreeLoader (freeldr.sys) as it had its load addresses changed 
during last 2 months. If I knew the specifics it would have made life a 
lot easier ( removing bootsector dump/file for:

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