[syslinux] Freeldr.sys and chain.c32

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Wed Jul 27 15:59:43 PDT 2011

Op 26-7-2011 22:56, H. Peter Anvin schreef:
>> If you read the bug report, you will see that I asked that freeldr.sys,
>> could be in multiboot format again. When freeldr.sys was modified to be
>> in PE format, the multiboot format was lost. In the last trunk it is
>> multiboot compliant and a valid PE file.
>> - Gert Hulselmans
> Note that doing a PE loader is yet another thing.
> 	-hpa

very recent trunk builds appear to be multiboot-compatible indeed. 
MBOOT.C32's built-in Gzip decompression ability makes life a lot easier 
by reducing FreeLDR.SYS from 340KB to 130KB, leaving a nice amount of 
free diskspace on bootdisk. It also means I can get rid of the 
bootsector I used (freeldr.bss) and the 16KB sector size, thus returning 
to normal floppy geometry/layout.

So all in all: thanks!

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