[syslinux] Auto Reply: Re: syslinux-4.10-pre15 and KVM guest booting problem

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Thu Jul 28 12:43:16 PDT 2011

Op 28-7-2011 21:19, richard.doogan at oracle.com schreef:
> If your email was sent to a distribution list, don't worry, someone else on that list will reply to your query.
> If your email was sent to me directly, please be aware that I am currenty out of the office with no access to email.
> All issues should be routed to my manager, John.Farey at oracle.com.
> Thanks

Should we personally/individually filter this or can there be a 
(moderator's) unsubscribe?

Anyway, let's wish Mr Doogan a nice holiday :)

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