[syslinux] can't boot isohybrid-ized image on CG2100

Greg Forte greg.forte at trueposition.com
Thu Mar 17 09:37:42 PDT 2011

I have a isohybrid-ized image (isohybrid.pl from syslinux-4.03, no 
options passed) which works on several other systems, but can't boot a 
Kontron CG2100 from stick (same image boots fine from a portable CD-ROM 
drive though).  The BIOS shows its initial splash, accesses the stick, 
then the system reboots - no errors logged in the BIOS event log.  I 
tried disabling the "USB boot priority" option (which puts USB devices 
to the top of the boot order when it sees them), no change.

Any hints on how to fix or troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated. 
Since the problem seems to be specific to one platform, I'm guessing 
that it's a quirk of the particular BIOS in question - I will probably 
be asking Kontron for support as well.


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