[syslinux] PXELINUX 4.10-pre*

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed May 4 21:03:35 PDT 2011

On 05/04/2011 08:08 PM, Gene Cumm wrote:
>>  if (!(undi_iface.ServiceFlags & PXE_UNDI_IFACE_FLAG_IRQ))
>>    pxe_irq_vector = 0; /* Interrupts not supported */
> Matches speed of 4.0x on tftp but failing on HTTP still
> (netconn_connect error -5).

OK, that's odd.  -5 is the expected value for when the receiver is
"deaf" (meaning it could not make a connection.)  Could you do a packet
trace with the patch applied, please?


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