[syslinux] Some bugs on gfxboot.c32

Erwan Velu erwanaliasr1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 14:55:21 PDT 2011

While playing with the current master of Syslinux, I figured out two 
bugs I'd like to share with you.

1- Missing menu entires

If you consider a file with the following entries, only the first item 
label mga32
     kernel anything

label mga64
     kernel anything

Looks like the number at the end of the label is giving some headaches 
to gfxboot.
If I do rename this two entries by "firstlabel" and "secondlabel" it 
works perfectly.

Does any of you have an idea on the reason ?

2- Loading complementary com32 modules

Some of my label entries are calling other com32 modules.
Syslinux reports that it can't find any of my modules. Looks like the 
path went away or something got broken. I tried to load any combinations 
of the existing paths I have without success.
Of course, If I disable the "UI gfxboot.c32 <theme>" directive, my setup 
is working fine.

Any ideas of what's behind this bug ?

Thanks for your help,

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