[syslinux] missing syslinux details/docs

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Sun Nov 13 06:27:28 PST 2011

I'm running into some issues with regard to isolinux and memdisk, and am 
not sure where to ask/look in the best way possible. These are 
DOS-related issues.

So here goes:
* Can MEMDISK map a imagefile (compressed? harddisk?) to more than 
(and/or beyond) 4GB of memory? Say you'd have 8/16GBGB and want 4GB 
available to the user so might as well use the other 4/12GB for MEMDISK. 
Or max 4GB due to 32bit memory/disk limitations in the module (or 
processor) ?

* Is there a way to detect a system was booted (in non-emulation mode) 
through ELTORITO spec? MDISKCHK can detect the used loader(s), provided 
an instance of MEMDISK is found. Booting a CD, then chaining to 
floppy/HD from isolinux.cfg means not loading MEMDISK though.
Basicly, I'd like to detect if ELTORITO.SYS should be loaded instead of 
awaiting its loading succes/failure.

* How would one create the tiniest uncompressed ISO possible? It seems 
like MKISOFS does some padding up to 600KB or so at minimum. My 
objective is a tiny ISO placed on diskette to test ELTORITO stuff:
fd0 -> syslinux -> memdisk -> tiny.iso -> isolinux -> chain.c32 fd0 -> 
devload eltorito.sys /D:MEMCD

Running into a few more things also but that makes for a (too) long mail 
then. Is/was there any available documentation about above mentioned 

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