[syslinux] missing syslinux details/docs

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Mon Nov 14 14:25:42 PST 2011

Op 14-11-2011 22:58, H. Peter Anvin schreef:
> MEMDISK doesn't support it; it would have to go into PAE mode and set up
> page tables to be able to do it. It's possible, but not supported at
> this time and it is unlikely to be a priority.

would a 64bit MEMDISK solve this issue? Or is the system then stuck in 
64bit without being able to return to 32bit/16bit? (or the final booted 
OS can't find MEMDISK anymore then I guess).

> Yes, there is an INT 13h call specified in the El Torito spec that you
> could use.

ah that's a usefull hint, thanks.

> Not sure, however, if you want to stuff it on a diskette why not
> compress it?

That's an option indeed. I would prefer to be able to mount uncompressed 
ISO's though as not all software supports compressed files.

syslinux -> memdisk -> test.iso
syslinux -> chain.c32 freedos -> isomount test.iso

I'll bring up subjects like compression, syslinux/memdisk A20 trouble 
and the DOS installer in a different mail sometime, lots of things to 
test/confirm first before requesting the attention of list members.

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