[syslinux] Strange behavior

Roy Marantz roy.marantz at vonage.com
Fri Nov 18 05:42:30 PST 2011

I'd like to apologize for the tone of my message.  If you are generous,
chalk it up to being caused by my frustration with this issue.

I've done more testing and I agree with you that the issue is due to
something in the networks involved in my setup.  I've tried using a VM on
other networks and had everything work as expected.  I will be looking into
that with our networking group.

Sorry to have wasted your time and I really do appreciate all the time and
effort you put into this.

I do believe that a nice enhancement to the open file (or file download
code) would be for it to not try fallback extensions when a know extension
is specified as part of the filename or at least strip the known extension
first.  If I had an idea where to implement such a change I would send in a
patch for that change.

I'd appreciate hearing any suggestions for how to eliminate any of the
downloads (gpxelinux, menu.pl, menu.c32, menu.pl) that my current procedure
uses.  I know that I can tell Vmware to use gpxelinux.0 in place of it
native pxe code, but I need to check on the supportability of that.  I.e.
Will Vmware balk at supporting such a change.  I was hoping to eliminate the
2nd menu.pl download.

Again, thanks for all you help.

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