[syslinux] Building syslinux 4.04 on a 32bit system

Gilles Espinasse g.esp at free.fr
Sat Nov 26 01:29:05 PST 2011

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Subject: [syslinux] Building syslinux 4.04 on a 32bit system

> I thougt somebody might like to know - I got a fresh copy of 4.04 from
> http://www.kernel.org/ - when building on a 32bit system, the build
> fails at first. I had to do a "make spotless" to get a successful
> build.
doc/distrib.txt explain why it is recommended to compile only installer in
most cases.

On a 32bits system, it was working for me with 4.0.4-pre1{3,4} (which were
precompiled by a broken compiler) to compile again ldlinux.asm using make
spotless && make
I have actually no reason to recompile final 4.0.4 ldlinux.asm.


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