[syslinux] What extlinux -M does?

Regid Ichira regid23 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 26 16:31:02 PST 2011

  1. Which label is referred by

    -M, --menu-save=label
              Set the label to select as default on the next boot

  2. With

    # grep 'label' /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf
    label 1
         menu label An old linux version

2.1 What will be the consequences of
    # extlinux -M 1 /boot/extlinux
    # extlinux -M 'An old linux version' /boot/extlinux

2.2 What are the differences between
    # extlinux -M 'An old linux version' /boot/extlinux
    # extlinux -o 1 /boot/extlinux

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