[syslinux] Multiboot flash from 2 iso's

Alexander Pletnev pletnev.rusalex at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 08:32:26 PST 2011


Im trying to learn syslinux and want to create a multiboot flashdrive, which will have more than one liveCD available for booting. 

I've installed a simple live cd (secure linux live cd disk#1) to my Fat32 partition. It boots well. Now i want to add another live CD (geexbox disk#2) to boot from the same Fat32 partition. 

I need to copy some files from live cd (geexbox) and add them to my current live cd installation on Fat32 partition. 

This is a part of default config from disk#2 wich is used for default burning. 

label ubnentry0
menu label Start GeeXboX ...
kernel /vmlinuz
append initrd=/initrd vga=789 persistent quiet splash loglevel=3

I tried to copy vmlinux and initrd files to a sub folder on disk#1 add config options to disk#1 syslinux.cfg with subfolders in path's to kernel and initrd script. But it won't work. Error was (can't find a correct root filesystem) . On disk#2 there is a file with name "rootfs" and size 64Mb, i think it's what i need. But i don't know how to add an option to syslinux config, about rootfs in a file. 

Can anybody understand and maybe help me? 

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