[syslinux] gpxelinux.0 and slow HTTP performance on VMware ESX

lstraath lstraath at lynxsoft.nl
Mon Nov 28 22:34:41 PST 2011


I found this message in your online mail archive, i have found the same problem and did some research in the past on this. Maybe you would be interested to know it is a problem on any virtualisation product not just ESX. Second it is a problem in gPXE that you embedded in gPXElinux. The problem was build in gPXE after version 0.97 so any gPXElinux build a newer version has this problem. I have tested a lot of hardware also and noticed it 1 or 2 times on a specific nic also however i did forget which machine had the same problem as the virtual machines.

I would like to point out that the gPXE git seems to be abandoned by it's developers because of an argument with the person that owns the domain names and that they continued the work under an new name iPXE. Maybe it would be a good idea to use iPXE and let the next version be iPXElinux. Hopefully they already fixed this bug also.


Leon Straathof.

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