[syslinux] booting & mdadm-1.2 metadata

Gour-Gadadhara Dasa gour at atmarama.net
Tue Sep 6 09:55:30 PDT 2011


few days ago I returned from FreeBSD where I was using ZFS/GPT disks in raid-1
array back to (Arch)Linux and installed syslinux as bootloader for booting from
single MBR disk.

Now, after I finished with migration of my /home data, I'd like to deploy both
of my 1TB disks using ext4 (btrfs is not stable enough) under LVM2 using raid-1
array & GPT by having all my partitions (/boot, /home, / & swap) in raid-1

However, there is one concern which I was not able to resolve 100% in #syslinux
as well by using Google: is sylinux capable to boot such GPT disk(s) where
/boot is withing raid-1 array with mdadm-1.2 metadata?

It seems that GRUB2 can do it, but I'd like to stay with (simpler) syslinux if


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